Fishbrain to raise through investment platform Republic

Fishbrain CEO and founder Johan Attby

Fishbrain ( – the world’s most popular platform and social network for people who love fishing – is raising money through Republic (, one of the leading online private investment platforms with over $700 million in investments to date. Fishbrain is now accepting investment (

Fishbrain CEO and founder Johan Attby
Fishbrain CEO and founder Johan Attby

Johan Attby, Fishbrain CEO, comments: “Fishbrain is growing rapidly, building out the platform for the world’s biggest hobby, sport fishing. We already have more than 14 million registered users on Fishbrain and we’re the number one in the US market where 55 million people fish every year and spend $50 billion doing so. To accelerate this growth we will now raise a round so that our community can invest alongside our renowned global investors such as Northzone, B Capital and Softbank, and get the benefits not only from our service, but also as shareholders.”

Already this year, Fishbrain has hired a new Chief Financial Officer and launched several new features for the community, such as: Fishbrain Reeled, a highlights reel of the year in fishing for community members (plus tips on how to progress); catch and release best practice policies; integrated Fish Rules (fishing regulations on a state by state basis in North America) into the app and website, following the 2021 acquisition; and partnered with Aspira, the largest hunting and fishing licensing management software provider in North America, to enhance conservation efforts.

In 2021, Fishbrain continued to evolve, through a combination of funding, new features, and strategic partnerships. In March last year, Fishbrain raised $31mn, which helped to expand its user base and hire across the company in multiple locations across the U.S. and Europe. Fishbrain further developed the app with the introduction of Garmin’s Navionics HD Depth Charts. Additionally, Fishbrain bolstered the company’s senior team with the addition of Stina Granberg as Chief Operating Officer, as well as Maria Hedengren (ex-Readly CEO), Karim Abdel-Ghaffar (Westerly Winds founding partner), and Dylan Bolden (Boston Consulting Group, Managing Director and Senior Partner), who joined the board.

About Fishbrain

Fishbrain is the world’s most popular mobile app, social network, and social commerce platform for people who love fishing. With over 14 million registered users across the globe, the free-to-use app helps create the best possible fishing experience by providing everyone – whether beginner or pro – with the tools, insights, support, and fishing gear to fully enjoy the world’s most popular hobby. The app’s interactive map helps anglers find hot new fishing spots and see what other people are catching, with what bait and specifically where.

Stockholm-headquartered Fishbrain disrupts an industry that has remained traditional, not only making fishing more accessible, but also levelling the playing field for the growing numbers of women, minorities, and young people looking to take up the sport. The startup has been twice named by WIRED as one of Europe’s Hottest Startups, and has fostered a passionate and collaborative community; by helping them take their technique to the next level and arming them with the tools and gear needed to succeed.

Fishbrain’s in-app and on-web marketplace, Fishbrain Shop, allows users to find and purchase the best fishing gear from over 350 of the world’s most respected brands. With other features like Fish Species Recognition, marine mapping (provided by Garmin/Navionics), forecasts, bait recommendations and more, Fishbrain has become one of the most valuable and rewarding tools in a fisherman’s tackle box. Fishbrain values responsible fishing, supporting a catch and release approach, and the sustainable harvest of fish species.

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About Republic

Republic ( is a financial technology firm that allows everyone to invest in private markets. Republic operates several distinct business lines including a retail investment platform, a private capital division, and a blockchain advisory practice. The Republic ecosystem has deployed over $1 billion in investments, has supported over 600 companies, and is comprised of a community of over 2.5mn users across 150 countries. Republic is backed by dozens of leading investment firms and financial institutions and its affiliated entities have co-invested with the best names in venture and private equity. Founded in 2016, Republic is headquartered in New York City with offices worldwide. For additional information, visit or @joinrepublic on Twitter.

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